Social Media Management
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Social Media Account Management


Share, edit, and delete all social media accounts on Fixerkit

You can automatically share on ress, web service (API) or you can share on your own via fixerkit

» Isn't your social media expert capable to rush the works?
» Aren't you active enough in social media?
» Is it too costly to manage your social media accounts?

You can solve all your problems by managing all your social media accounts collectively under one roof. Through Fixerkit social media account management system you can send, delete and edit content to your accounts which you allow our system.

With our system you can save time or be more active in your social media accounts.
This system is a tool you can use for collective automatic sharing on your social media networks

What You Can Do ?

Facebook Auto Share Post

Twitter Auto Share Post

Tumblr Auto Share Post

Linkedin Auto Share Post

İnstagram Auto Share Post

Pinterest Auto Share Post

Medium Auto Share Post

Livejournal Auto Share Post

Wordpress Auto Share Post

Auto Social Media Post Share

Social Media Management

Auto Share With Rss

Instagram Schedule Post Sharing

Facebook Schedule Post Sharing

Twitter Schedule Post Sharing

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How Can I Use This System ?


You can use this system without any software or coding knowledge.
Your content published on your website will be shared on your social media accounts after 15 minutes


With our web service, you can use various functions of fixerkit on your own panel.
With our web service, you can instantly manage your accounts on your admin panel.
API Guide


You don no longer need to put efforts for anything.
Sign up to fixerkit or log in if you have membership.
Send messages from your page by clicking “Send Social Message” link

So how is work this system?
We make it easy to manage your accounts that you have defined in our system by Web service(API). We send the content that you enter into our system to all your social media accounts at the same time. Later you can delete the messages you send, you can even make change
Is this system and operation legal?
This system and functioning are completely legal and operated according to the terms of use of related social medias. It has been developed by the Web service(API) which target sites created
How do you get the security of my accounts?
In no way we do not want or save the password of your accounts or your mail addresses. We can access to your account or share through the “Access Token” the services have provided us. Everything is under your control and you can remove this access at any time you wish

Working Logic

You can see how we process data from rss and xml addresses. System is simple and practical

    Working Logic

Increase the value of your brand and awareness

Each sharing increases your brand value. More internet result regarding your brand in search engines, in internet world, having more sharing in social media increase your brand value.
You can increase the results for your brand and feature your brand by sharings which you will make in your social media accounts

Social Medias in our service

Your personal facebook page, the groups and pages in which you are manager/owner, your personal Twitter page, your company’s and your personal Linkedin profile, your personal Pinterest page and page. You can manage all under one roof

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