Fixerkit - Team & About Us
Team & About Us
Our team is made up of self-taught people who have been improving themselves about Internet and Internet tools since 2006.

We have automated personal and corporate seo studies we were making before by using While being in beta state for now, our project will be updated and improved for the following 5 years, a more accessible platform will be provided by user requests and feedback.

In these 5 years, we are developing a product model for users in Seo and Advertisement, to automate 80% of jobs that require a personnel. Our goal is to provide people an easier and faster method and spend more time on R&D

Our team of 5 consists of people who worked in software, design, seo and advertisement jobs
Samet AKIN Samet AKIN
Project Owner & Senior Php Dev
Samet AKIN Caner TOPAÇ
Advertising & Seo Practices
Oğuz Elginöz Oğuz ELGİNÖZ
Network & System Administrator
Serhat Yıldırım Serhat YILDIRIM
Webmaster & Junior Php Dev
Mobile & Senior C# Dev


We would like to all our friend who have worked and still working hard to make us realise this project. We are hopeful to see our supportive friends who trusted us in this project.

As a team, rather than forcing a system, we wanted to create a system that will be needed. Therefore, user experience and feedback is important and valuable for us.

We would like to thank to our friends who have supported us, listened to our problems, and who were always there for us. We are thankful to our friends who didn’ want their names to be added.

Our Supportive Friends
Serhat Doğan Sosyal Medya Uzmanı
Cumhur Kumaş Dijital Pazarlama Sorumlusu - Favori Jewellery (Turkey)
Mustafa Kemal Temel Consultant On Digital Marketing
Nurettin Arkan Muhabir ve Haber Sitesi Yöneticisi
Ali Aygır Web Designer & Graphic Designer
Engin Çetiner Network and System Administrator
Emre Olukçu Web Designer & Front End Developer
Ersan Duman Satınalma ve Reklam Uzmanı
Harun Kevrek Muhabir ve Haber Sitesi Yöneticisi
Çağdaş Sancarbarlaz Project Management & Software Developer
Hakan Karadayı Intrapreneur & Project Manager
Mehmet Ertuğrul Medyateji Co Founder
Volkan Dobriceli Vadim Ajans
Görkem Koç Junior Seo Uzmanı
Ubeydullah Göktekin
Deniz Günaydın Reklam Firması Sahibi
Gülvi Celep Sosyal Medya Uzmanı
List of people who worked on our project. Please contact us for your feedback support and this way, we can work for better