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Terms Of Service is a website coded with web services that offers analysis, social media management, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool experience. Since all reports, information, statistics, and materials within web services are obtained externally, the platform shall not be responsible form information transmission problems due to change in information obtained from services, service cancellation, and software.
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  • Members of the website cannot transfer all or partial rights and liabilities given in User Agreement/Terms of Use to any other person or third parties.
  • Website users cannot use any reports, information, statistics, and materials as an official document without approval and consent of
  • cannot be held liable from any indirect data absence or discrepancies by website users and members
  • reserves the right to make additions, changes, and deletion on user agreement without notifying users or without showing any reason. When such events occur, users are deemed to accept renewed user agreement and related consequences regardless of variations such as agreement or membership date and purchasing date.
  • cannot be held liable from any user mistake in payment stages and reserves the right of refund.
  • Website members can only send content to social media accounts they manage, and users have the complete responsibility for all illegal operations. In case of all problems, and inappropriate operations, IP address of the user will be provided to related authorities.
  • Since above mentioned reports, information, statistics, and materials are provided with service mediators, website cannot be held responsible from different or missing information.
  • reserves the right to change data storage size, storage duration, procurement duration, and presentation type.


  • In case of services are not provided due to software and technical problems caused by website, users can demand refund within 7 business days or extension of user service duration.
  • In case of refund events subjected to conditions provided in the agreement, refunds the payment to the payment channel.
  • If the refund channel is disables or cancelled, reserves the right and duration to refund to another credit card, bank account, or mediator payment channel.
  • User is obliged to present all documents requested by if refund will be made to different credit card, bank account, or mediator payment channel.

  • CHANGED IN AGREEMENT is liable to notify users about the changed in agreement. However, the platform cannot control the correctness or success of notification delivery to registered e-mail address.