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Your place in search engines is important. In word ranking, what is your site's ranking and who are your competitors? Is it on the rise or falling? By using Fixerkit.com Ranking Finder Tool you can easily find your website's ranking in the search engine. With the system we developed for our members, we can keep a daily track of your rankings

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The issue you need to consider when writing your website address: If you want to search a sub-domain, write like “sub.fixerkit.com”, do not write like “fixerkit.com/sub”. The country that you selected determines your search engine. Be careful not to select the wrong search engine


Start with on which platform you want to find the order of your site. You can search on two different platforms as mobile and desktop

We checked your rank What can i do?

What can i do?

You can start the process of daily follow-up from this page in a quick and easy way. You can find the usage of your target word, your opponents and your ranking in the list in bold type


Start your daily follow-up process by clicking Track These Keywords As Free button located at similar words area. A hint if you want to follow more words: click on the FIND WORDS DERIVATIVES buton on the lower left section and find hundreds of different uses of your word

I clicked, Follow These Keywords What will happen now?

Last step your project

I clicked, Follow These Keywords

In the area that you will see after clicking Track These Keywords As Free button, you can instantly create our project that we prepared for you by clicking the blue button and can start to follow these words daily

I created project Happy Ending

We tracking now your ranking

We tracking now your ranking

We began to follow your words in the search engine that you specify on your behalf every day
We have tried to express rising in rankings by green, declining by red and constant by gray in the screenshot you have seen