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A New Term Is Coming "Social Media Compatible Web Site"
A New Term Is Coming \ Social media has started to be at the top of the areas of interaction with the customers of companies such as sales, support and customer relations. Social media, which completely replaced interaction tools such as newspapers, radio and television, started to replace ordinary websites in sales. When viewed by the user, social media seems to be a more reliable shopping tool because it can interact with the company one-to-one. However, ostentation is a big factor for company promotion. So before shopping,
A New Feature in Fixerkit; Social Media Check in
A New Feature in Fixerkit; Social Media Check in Thanks to the check-in, which is a feature offered to users by social media channels, users can share the location they share with their followers while sharing. Brand owners also use this feature to inform their followers or potential customers about their location using the social media check-in feature. Let's talk about the platforms where the check-in feature is most popular and why. Facebook Check in Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms for brand promotion. While businesses
Instagram video, scrolling sharing and new features
Samet AKIN
Instagram video, scrolling sharing and new features We have added new features in our project, which we continue to develop and will continue for our valuable users. We added these features in the first place by selecting the most desired and necessary features. In the next stages, we will also develop features that receive a lot of requests from you. We made improvements by focusing on the features that should be especially in Instagram. In the third quarter of 2019, there were some difficulties in uploading albums and videos to Instagram. Our software
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